Advanced SEO Tips to Double Your Traffic

Why You Should Step Up Your SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy is one of the top determining factors in the online success of your business.
SEO is what will help customers to find you, trust you, and importantly, buy from you.

Almost half of all internet traffic starts from one keyword search query. Your SEO is what will determine which keywords you should implement, and the reach of their effectiveness.

This is why it’s essential for every business to monitor their SEO’s performance on an ongoing basis, and improve their strategy where necessary.

But how do you know when your SEO needs to be adjusted? And what are the advanced techniques you can implement, to further progress your SEO goals?

Your customers will be your guide! The data provided by customers and site visitors will let you know if your site’s SEO is working effectively or not.

How are they getting to your site in the first place? Are you receiving referral traffic from external links?Is your social media driving visitors to your site? Do you have great keyword placement?

By accounting for where your current SEO practices have gotten you, you can predict what you need to optimize next.

Once you’ve got the basic SEO settings configured within your website, you’ve completed half the battle. However, you still need to keep your SEO momentum rolling, and build on the progress and work you’ve put in so far.

Read on to discover the advanced SEO tips and tools you can implement, to double the traffic to your site and improve your visitors’ experience.

What Can Advanced SEO Tools Do For My Business?

Businesses that implement more advanced SEO tools and techniques will likely see their position in Search Engine Results Pages jump higher.

Many advanced SEO tools are rankings-focused, as this is a key progress goal for many small businesses who wish to grow their e-commerce platform.

Once you have the ‘basics’ of your SEO configured, like your internal links, website design, mobile-friendliness, valuable content enriched with keywords, etc. you can begin driving your SEO practice toward more heavily ‘ranking focused’ goals.

You can help users who are searching for your type of content to find you by employing the following tips and tools. It’s important to consistently update your SEO practices, as Google’s algorithms are constantly changing.

As the most widely used search engine, small businesses operating online can feel like they’re at the mercy of Google. Ranking on the first page for your chosen keyword will, for most businesses, dramatically increase conversions and revenue.

But, how do you improve your SEO strategy to get there? And how do you generate content good enough to rank on the first page?

Read on to discover the tips and tools you should be employed to advance your current SEO strategy and content.

Advanced SEO Techniques

1. SEO Audit
Performing an SEO audit should be the first step for any business interested in improving their SEO strategy, and looking to double their website traffic.

Auditing your SEO strategy is one of the most effective processes you can carry out to double your website traffic. By determining the effectiveness of your current SEO, you are ensuring all opportunities for growth are maximized and utilized properly.

What does an SEO audit involve?

To put it simply, a technical SEO audit strategically examines the SEO settings in place on your website. These include titles and metadata. It can help you to put a plan in place for future goals that your business should be striving towards.

Reviewing your website’s SEO status can increase visits to your website, generate more conversion leads, and set a great jumping-off platform for your future goals.

Performing an SEO audit may seem intimidating, but experienced web designers like Kodaworks can help to make the process seamless.

Put your opportunity for growth first, and take a leaf out of the book of professional SEO experts: always look for the next opportunity to optimize.

2. Optimized Landing Pages
Optimization of landing pages can prove to be one of the most effective SEO strategies to generate more traffic, and more importantly, generate conversion leads.

By increasing the number of landing pages linking to your site, you also increase the opportunity for potential customers and site traffic to find you.

A landing page with well-written, optimized content can be the starting point of a relationship with clients and maybe the first step in your visitors becoming ‘brand aware’, and familiar with your business.

A landing page differs from a home page, in that a good landing page should answer your customer’s specific question, in a way that keeps them on your site for as long as possible.

To maximize the potential of your landing pages, you should also implement a ‘call to action’, which encourages your customers to further engage with your brand by signing up for an email list or downloading a free product.

3. Use an Advanced Internal ‘Deep Linking’ Strategy

Internal ‘Deep Linking’ is an advanced SEO technique that involves creating internal site links pointing towards other pages within your website.

This is a great way to show Google the structure of your website and encourage them to index more of your content.

Internal deep linking presents your site to Google in a structured, organized way which is more conducive to indexing.

Most webmasters focus on linking to their home page, however, you should not underestimate the SEO effectiveness of interlinking between your content pages.

The Advanced SEO Tools You Need

We’ve discussed some of the advanced SEO techniques you could implement to double your website traffic, but did you know there are also multiple SEO tools you can employ to help you boost your SEO effectiveness?

1. SerpWizz
The first advanced SEO tool we love is SerpWizz.

Remember we talked about how essential an SEO audit can be to your website’s performance? Well, SerpWizz makes auditing your website’s SEO a breeze.

SerpWizz is an SEO Audit Tool that is extremely comprehensive and checks all of your website’s features to ensure it is operating with the most effective SEO configuration possible.

SerpWizz also prides itself on uncovering the seemingly ‘small’ SEO features, which small businesses know can make a big impact.

SerpWizz places site owners at the heart of their mission, and understands that lead generation is an important aspect of SEO. They produce reports for your site, indicating the aspects of SEO that are working well, and those that may not be.

This makes it extremely easy for you as a site or small business owner to configure your SEO settings in an effective way.

You can utilize a free SerpWizz trial, and they even offer a free, scaled-back plan. Paid monthly plans are available, at a range of price points to meet your needs.

2. Rankingcoach
Rankingcoach is another advanced SEO tool, which gives you a step-by-step guide to improving your site’s SEO.

Rankingcoach will assess your website’s SEO performance, and then generate an individualized action report for you to utilize. The action report is SEO novice-friendly, and comes complete with specific tasks you can perform for search engine optimization improvement.

Some key features of Rankingcoach include competitor research and keyword tracking, allowing you to see how both are performing and improve on them.

Rankingcoach will continue to monitor your website, and provide weekly results reports of your SEO tweaks, so you can continue to optimize your search engine optimization settings.

Ranking Coach offers two plans, both free and paid, to suit all marketing budgets.

3. Majestic Tool

Majestic is an SEO tool that focuses on links. Majestic will generate and present a full backlink profile for your website, and determine their quantitative and qualitative performance.

Majestic has a huge backlink database, so provides valuable information to any websites looking to improve their SERP ranking position through backlinks.

Majestic produces graphs and charts which are easy for SEO beginners to interpret and can give you a huge amount of insight into how your backlinks are performing for your site.

Majestic offers three-tiered pricing, starting with a ‘Lite’ monthly plan, and progressing to their ‘API’ plan, which gives web developers managing multiple different platforms the ability to integrate Majestic software within their own websites.


Advanced SEO Summed Up

Your website is your most powerful marketing tool, so business owners and webmasters should not underestimate the power of optimizing your site for search engines.

This ensures you maximize your chances of being discovered by potential customers, who will engage with your content and generate leads.

Advanced SEO techniques may require you to invest more time and effort into your website, but they can be extremely effective. For businesses interested in doubling their search traffic, these strategies are essential.

The first hurdle most businesses face in the online realm is producing great quality content. Keep the customer at the forefront of your mind, and produce high-value content that they can
engage with. This is when you maximize the benefits of your SEO efforts.

Reach out to us with any comments or queries regarding advanced SEO techniques. As experienced web developers, Kodaworks would be happy to offer advice and support with SEO. We’d love to hear from you!

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